May 5, 2008

My life to date.

Assalamualaikum wa rahmat-ullahi wa barokatuh

ok, i'll be writing in english this time around, just for the sake of my english skills.. need to practise writing and conversing in english more frequently, as a proverb says

practice makes perfect

so, ready for my english-medium blog.. (any misuse grammar or vocab, please correct me ok?)

today is the fifth of may, 2008.. 9:44pm..

i'm currently working in UiTM.. as an assistant examination invigilator (pembantu pengawas peperiksaan, PPP).. which offers us rm4 per hour! (wooohooo~!).. i'm taking this job to gain experience, apart from filling my empty schedule (8 month of holidays, don't u bored??).. and the quite luxurious payment of our salary as a bonus hehe..

let's talk about this then.. i'm working in the information technology and quantitative science faculty of UiTM, which consists of diploma n degree programmes concerning about maths and computing.. there are 8 PPPs in this faculty (obviously one of them is me..), 3 from UIA matrix, 3 are post-SPM students.. and 2 from KTT (i'm in this category)..

one of them is abdul rahman al-azmi, he just finished matrix UIA in health sciences foundation.. this july he'll enroll to UIA kuantan insyaAllah..

i wasn't had a chance to know him well, apart from a brief chat in the first day at the office.. until we were assigned to invigilate in a same room.. "Makmal 13".. so the real friendship begun..

as the normal proceedings of the examination had been done (that was about the first 15 to 20 minutes), we usually face a 2 and a half hour of "what shall we do now" kind of situation.. (fyi every paper is 3 hours!).. sometimes, we need to accompany students whom wish to go to the bathroom.. (which is about once in every 20 minutes..).. and distribute extra answer booklets to students who needs extra answer sheets.. apart from that, we do not know what to do!! (but luckily the rm4/hour is continuously ticking and ticking hehehe)..

ok, so as usual, we always bring along books to read through the slow-ticking 3 hours.. for me, i brought along "Fekah Harian" by the famous writer Ustaz Haron Din.. and my invigilate-mate, abdul rahman (or nicknamed dromey) is reading about "Fiqh Sirah", which i wasn't alert who is the author..

then in the middle of the examination, there was a student wanted to go to the toilet.. i looked at dromey, and he looked back at me.. then he signalled by pointing to himself (which means he will accompany that student to the toilet, as one of us must follow the student..).. so he left the "Makmal 19" with that student.. then, my heart told me that the book dromey was reading looks interesting, so i decided to take a brief look at his book..

a brief look i took, but the book wasn't attract my attention, the bookmark was..

"Darul Qur'an 2005/06, Ukhuwwah Fillah"!!! i was stunned! i didn't knew he was the alma mater of Darul Qur'an..

wait a minute, do u know what is Darul Qur'an?
it is an institution that offers both certificate and diploma level of quranic education.. the certificate level produces hafiz and hafizah in its 1.5years of study! dromey was one of them. i envy him, as i really dreamt to become a hafiz one day.. although is looks like mere impossible, but Allah said, if He wants to do something, He'll just say "Be"!

Verily, if He intends a thing, His command is "Be", and it is!
(Yasiin verse 82)

if i couldnt be a hafiz, my sons and daughters will insyaAllah.. ( pray for me in having a pious children and wife ok? =] ).. ok back to the dromey story..

he is also an ikhwah, a nickname for a person who involves in the islamic movement.. i also involve in it, partially perhaps.. i joined weekly halaqah starting at KTT in 2006, and for the record, i joined two different jemaahs.. one of them is JIM, the other would not mention their name.. but both are in the same aqidah, same goal, which is to make us a better muslims generally, and to teach us our responsibility of each of us to contribute to islam..

initially, i hadnt had a clear view about this halaqah main agenda, but i just swallow n swallow everything it teaches me.. although at some stage i didnt had the courage to attend it, Allah promises He will give hidayah to whom He wishes to.. especially to His slaves whom desperately searching for it.. so, i knew i needed to search this precious hidayah, without it, my life would be useless, with no specific goal..

thus, i kept attending halaqahs, and to make me understand more about it, i joined JIM's halaqah.. in JIM, it was much more lenient than the other one, sometimes i felt like i wasnt in a halaqah, just like visiting an uncle's house, because the murabbi was very generous food-wise (yummy!)... but still, i cant find the true meaning of it (a.k.a usrah)..

then dromey gave a book to me, which explains about the responsibilty of a muslim..

"Apa Ertinya Saya Menganut ISLAM?" by Fathi Yakan..

honestly i didnt finished it yet, just starting to read it last night.. but i had a brief look about it, and i can bet u that this book will give me the long-awaited answers that i acquired for so long now.. insyaAllah..

coupled with the Daurah akh Ismat had invited me to, now i had a clearer view about Islam and the importance of its movement.. if we dont participate in it, then who will?

btw, Ismat was my senior at SMK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam.. but we hadnt knew each other back then.. weirdly our friendship were galvanised via friendster! Subhanallah.. just by a short but continuous chatting through friendster and yahoo messenger, the bond goes tighter and tighter.. and why it is? because the friendship which based on Islam is naturally mend to be! MasyaAllah Tabarakallah.. that is the beauty of Islam..

so i kept thinking, this is the "nikmat" Allah gives to me that i didnt knew it coming.. honestly i was completely horrified when mr razib called me and he told that MARA ordered me and a few more friends not to go to Melaka Manipal twinning programme (MMMC), and have to pursue for full length study in India instead.. my main reason that i wanted MMMC so badly was because it is the only medical college that has a March intake.. so logically i should have a shorter holiday rather than to wait till July (fyi i had finished A-Level by december last year!).. But Allah has greater plans for me, and this is what He gave to me.. an unforgettable friendship in the name of Islam.. Allahu Akbar!!

It is possible that you dislike a thing, which is good for you; and you love a thing, which is bad for you. Allah knows, and you no not. [al Baqarah 216]

Doa ar-Rabithah

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Engkau mengetahui bahawa
hati-hati ini telah sepakat untuk mengasihiMu
bertemu untuk
bersatu untuk dakwahMu

berjanji untuk menolong syariatMu
Ya Allah, eratkanlah hubungannya
kasih sayangnya
tunjukkan jalannya
Penuhilah hati-hati ini dengan cahayaMu
yang tidak akan pudar

lapangkanlah dadanya dengan limpahan iman
terhadapMu juga

dengan tawakkal kepadaMu
Hidupkanlah hati-hati ini dengan

dan matikanlah dia dalam syahid demi
memperjuangkan jalanMu

sesungguhnya Engkaulah sebaik-baik Pelindung dan
sebaik-baik Penolong

Ya Allah kabulkanlah permintaan ini dan berilah
salawat dan salamMu ya Allah
ke atas nabi kami Muhammad, keluarga dan para

current mood : fatigued, needs motivation..
current book to read : apa ertinya saya menganut ISLAM?
current worry : when will mr razib call me "offer letter has arrived!"??


pai_ilham al-adwa' said...
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pai_ilham al-adwa' said...

salam,iman..teruskan tinta hikmah...continue ur desire of sharing islamic thought...i read all ur post but now only have a few seconds to comment..nti akak link ur blog kay..
all the best..any news,do inform

imanulhassan said...

salam kak naufa..

terima kasih atas sokongan!