Jun 26, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

in this entry, i would like to share with you about appendicectomy.

what is appendicectomy?

before we dive into this term, it's better to know what is appendix.

ok, what is appendix?

appendix is a small, finger-shaped sac that is attached to the large intestine. Experts still do not know what is its function, but most of the time it does not cause any problems.

appendicitis is the term used to describe an inflamed appendix. it's a common disease, occuring in 8 out of 100 people in the world.

what are the symptoms?

well, appendicits is one of the most difficult disease to diagnose, because it has the same symptoms as gastric and stomach-ache. the pain started at the belly, and sometimes it'll move down to the right side of your intestine, or in some cases anywhere at your stomach.

meanwhile, experiencing nausea and the feel of vommiting throughout the day could be the additional indicators. to differentiate between gastric and appendicitis, just take the medicine for gastric. if the belly pain stops soon after you have taken the pills, that means you are suffering from gastric. but if it doesnt, than be cautious, as it may well be appendicitis.

the only cure for appendicitis is by surgically removing the inflamed appendix, which is known as appendicectomy. appendicitis is treated as an emergency case, in other words your appendix should be removed as soon as possible. the risk of delaying can cause the appendix to BURST! in this case, the surgery would take place even longer and the rehabilitation process would be more complicated, as the doctor has to clean up any debris of the bursted appendix.

thus, if you were diagnosed for appendicitis, do the surgery A.S.A.P!

that was what i did last thursday.

after subuh prayers, i started to feel belly pain. nausea also. it thought that the best solution was to go to sleep, as it always work when i experiencing belly pain. but i couldnt. the pain outwit my desire to enter my dreams. so i just sit down and watching the television, perhaps i could just distract the pain into the happiness of watching euro2008 highlights. but it wasnt work either. the pain just flowing in like the rush of water from a broken empangan chenderoh. thus, i decided to go to the nearby clinic. yes, i was driving, alone.

i entered the clinic with my body in a 30 degree bent, yup the belly pain was painful! then the doctor examined my belly by knocking at various parts of it, and...

dr : "sakit tak?" *pressing at the centre of my belly*

iman : "kat situ rase perut memulas, tapi bila tekan tak sakit plak"

dr : "kat sini plak?" *pressing at the lower right intestine*

iman : "oucchh, sakit gak tu" *weird, how come that part hurts?*

dr : "hmmm, ni mungkin appendix ni"

iman : "owh yeke??" *adrenaline rush*

dr : "yup, tp takpe, saya bg ubat gastrik dulu, kalau tak hilang jugak, then kna check kat hospital, mungkin appendix"

iman : "ok" *pasrah.....*

then i went home, yup still with my bending body, at i took the pills and crashed to the bed sheets. after a deserved 2-hour nap, i woke up and didnt felt the pain at all. but it was just temporary. shortly after i got up, the pain came back rushing in. i quizzed. and worried. is it appendix?? by this moment, none of my parents knew about it, only my cute little sisters and my family maid knew.

in my solat, i prayed to Allah s.w.t. to heal this pain. the pain was continuous, all day long. but in the other hand, i took it as a kafarah to my previous sins. it shivers me to recall all the sins i had made before. when Allah gives us pain, dont whine and said "knape la aku kene sakit niii...", but just remember, we do make sins, and this is the way Allah compensate it. "ehh bagus jugak aku sakit, hilangla dosa2 lampau insyaAllah.." that'll be a good attitude to manage pain. Innallaha ma'as sobirin.. -Verily, Allah is beside those who have patience-

thus, at night, the pain didnt ease off, impromptu my father brought me to Darul Ehsan Medical Centre Shah Alam (DEMC).. there, it was confirmed that i am suffering from appendicitis. my father shocked. i didnt. felt the guilt that i didnt told this thing earlier to my parents, huhu but nevermind.. i didnt want to be a burden to them, coz i thought that it is just gastric, no it wasnt.

thus, the doctor asked me "nak kene ward kat DEMC atau tempat lain?".. my father said it depends on me.. than i called my mother, and she told me it is better to go to Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC).. so my father and i went back home to pack my stuffs to SJMC. in my Isya' prayers i felt like tomorrow will be my last day on earth!! i supplicate to Allah, to give me a smooth-going surgery, and as i was just leaving my home, i waived to my lil sister umi, the waive like i leaving her for good la plak.. *sadis!*

arrived at SJMC at around 1am, and had to wait 1 hour to get warded! sabar iman, sabar... sabar itu sebahagian dari iman, wahai iman.... it teaches me to be patient, as i was unable to wait at the reception hall any longer, but i should be alerted that all of this inconvenience is a test, a test from Allah s.w.t...

Apakah manusia itu mengira bahwa mereka dibiarkan (saja) mengatakan:
"Kami telah beriman", sedang mereka tidak diuji lagi?
surah al ankabuut, ayat 2

recalling that verse made me calm down again.. that's the beauty of Islam.. that's why the verses of Allah s.w.t. in the Holy Book of al-Qur'an is the guidance exclusively for mankind to manoeuvre their lives in this world..

Kitab (Al Qur'an) ini tidak ada keraguan padanya;
petunjuk bagi mereka yang bertaqwa.
surah al baqarah ayat 2

by 2am, i finally reached my room.. as the hospital was in full-house, only the executive room was avaible.. happy nye!! macam dok hotel plak. the room was spacious, 15 people can squeeze into it.

i woke up at 6am, nervously waiting for the doctor to come, as i hadnt been informed when will the surgery takes place. while waiting, i had the privilege of watching the tv in front of my bed with the remote control beside me. with the bed is very comfy and it is foldable, it's just like heaven living here haha. not to mention the tv has astro!

the tv, captured from my bed. umi passing by.

the euphoria was enjoyed to the fullest, until the doctor came, "good morning, you will undergo surgery on appendix isnt it?". "Yup," i replied. "ok, before this afternoon we will do it ok" the doctor told me with a smile. Dr Ong Kee Thiam, one of the general surgeons of SJMC. he had a great smile, and always smiling when he talks. talks very politely to patients, which gave me a psychological boost towards the surgery. he reminds me of Imam Asy Syahid Hasan Al Banna. no wonder many opted to go to SJMC. the service here was outstanding.

these qualities should be in everyone's personality, as sincerity and politeness came on top in winning people hearts. that's why Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. was sent to this world. to teach us how to behave the way we should be.

as i continued to watch the tv, suddenly at 9.30am, out of the blue, two nurses came into my room and said "ok, dah nak pergi operation ni".. my instantaneous reaction was "owh.. ok" *sambil ternganga*.. soon came the mobile bed, with a man pushes it. i hop onto the bed, and my mother followed beside me.

my feelings was mixed. anxious, nervous, excited, all amalgamated into one. as i entered the operation theatre section, i saw many nurses and surgeons working continuously around the clock. "wah, camni nye kehidupan seorang doktor, best gak," i whispered to my heart, as my desire to be a doctor, seems no longer a doubt.

at the O.T. section, i was queued at an area, a waiting-to-be-operated bay i assumed.. then at about 10am, i was brought into a room, labelled OT10. here, my adrenaline rushed actively, as i was going into my first ever experience under the knife. i did balance my nervousness with calmness, praying to Allah that He will make this operation a success. if there's something that bothers me, i refer to Allah as my comfort.

(yaitu) orang-orang yang beriman dan hati mereka menjadi tenteram dengan mengingat Allah. Ingatlah, hanya dengan mengingat Allah-lah hati menjadi tenteram.
surah ar-ra'ad, ayat 28

after lying onto the surgery bed, my feet was strapped, my right hand been inserted with a tube, and the anaesthetist ready to put me into sleep. and fell asleep i was.

needles, needles, needles!

11.15am, the clock showed. i just opened my eyes, feeling pain at the lower right of my intestine, the part of my body which was being opened.. sedar2 je dah kat kuar OT10. i thank to Allah the surgery went well, i suppose. the pain at the belly which i felt for the last 24 hours was no longer there. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

came back to the room, my parents were there already. they were happy as i did undergo a successful operation. rehab, the next agenda. Dr. Ong came to consult me around 6pm, telling me that my appendix was inflamed, not yet burst! alhamdulillah. and the shocking part was, he told me i could go home tomorrow! yes, tomorrow. just 24 hours after a minor surgery, i was home. shocked myself and everyone else. many of my friends wanted to visit me the next day, but their wishes couldnt be granted. huhu kesian korg, takpe dtg rumah je la ye.

alhamdulillah, all went well, and now i'll be 'grounded' for a week in my house to surf along the road of recovery. today is thursday, 26th of june. the last day of my house detention. can't wait till tomorrow.

during this week, i kept pondering, this appendicitis happened to me during i was free from any tasks. Allah is Most-Merciful, He didnt want to burden me in future. thats why He gave this test now. i can't imagine if i had appendicitis when i am studying in India! that will hinder me from studying. Alhamdulillah, He picked the right time for me. Allah Maha Adil kan?

in this entry, i would like to thank all of my friends which had spent their time to visit me, both in hospital and in my home. and not to forget my friends whom did SMSes me and wish me for my recovery. all of you have gave me a huge moral support to recover quickly in time. as next week i'll be a bit busy, many exciting programmes that i couldnt afford to miss. qiam at keramat, visiting KTT with ustok, taking the hep B vaccination, kenduri at nenek's house, and many more!

my 2-and-a-half year old sister, umi hadijah~

the moral of the story, dont fret if you are undergoing a problem. because with those obstacles, we can be a better person, as ujian itu tarbiyah dari Allah. patience is the key to success, insyaAllah.

and if you ever had experienced continuous pain at our belly, go to see a doctor A.S.A.P., if not, your appendix might be BURST!!

tak sabar nak makan naan cheese esok, yum2.

Sabda rasulullah s.a.w.;
"Alangkah bertuahnya keadaan orang mukmin. Semua
keadaan baginya adalah baik. Jika mendapat kebaikan, dia bersyukur, maka itu
menjadi satu kebaikan baginya. Dan jika ditimpa musibah, dia bersabar, maka itu
juga menjadi satu kebaikan baginya. Dan ini hanya akan berlaku kepada orang

moga kite semua tergolong dlm hamba2nya yg beriman dan bertaqwa ye, insyaAllah.


malina raihan said...

uiiih dah besar dah umi. coommmeeel :)
rindu pulak nak main barney ngan adik awak yang dua orang tu. haha. glad that you felt better now. and yes, Allah s.w.t is always fair to His loyal servants. its really up to us to acknowledge the times we lead our life with ease as a blessing from Allah.

~fiOnAbEE~ said...

br taw bout ur operation from reading ur blog ni..alhamdulillah..everything went well rite..anyways,take care!

nur_amalina said...

salam iman sakit apendiks k? tak dgr berite pun alhamdulillah sihat yer hopefully tak de pape prob lg lepas ni yer =))

imanulhassan said...

salam. haah, kne 19 jun aritu, da sebulan lebey dah. alhamdulillah suma ok, dah sehat dah. insyaallah takde ape2 prob pasni, tp still manusia itu lemah, nnt akan ade punye penyakit2 yg menjelma, tp tak perlu risau, al qur'ran ade di sisi sbg ubat.

"Dan Kami turunkan dari Al Qur'an suatu yang menjadi penawar dan rahmat bagi orang-orang yang beriman dan Al Qur'an itu tidaklah menambah kepada orang-orang yang zalim selain kerugian." al isra' ayat 82.

so solusinya, kalau sakit2, meh bace alqur'an meh!