Jun 11, 2008

What do we live for?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

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ok, this time i want to share with you about shifting our paradigm..
paradigm shift (noun)
a great and important change in the way sth is done or thought about
in other words, it's the way we think about something.. or commonly known as MINDSET.
/ Ñ 'maIndset; NAmE Ñ / noun
a set of attitudes or fixed ideas that sb has and that are often difficult to change

SYNONYM = mentality
mindset is something to do with our goal.. for example, if you wanted to be a doctor, studying medicine abroad (macam aku je), what is our main goal in achieving a medical degree?
is your goal is to be a doctor that can earn money easily?

or it's about pride?

or it's about the title Dr.?
or you do not know why you wanted to be a doctor??
that is mindset.. the way you think about something..
so i want to ask you, what is your mindset towards your life?
to be RICH?


or.. to be a GREAT SERVANT of ALLAH?
tepuk dada tanya iman..

his is the most important question in our lives, because we see the world in our own perspectives.. thus if we think right, then insyaAllah our path of life will be the right one.. and vice versa..

in my point of view, i see the world as an examination hall, full of challenges and obstacles.. the examiner is ALLAH s.w.t and the exam is inviligated by His Malaikat.. thus, my mindset towards life is to be a great servant of Allah and try our best to get 4.0 CGPA in Allah's view..

do you have the same mindset as mine?

come on my friends, let us all be a great servants of Allah so that all of us can achieve 4.0...


very simple, u just need to do what is required and to hinder what is prohibited by Him..
so what's the thing that we need to do? as u all know, the five pillars of Islam, syahadah, solat, fast, zakah, and hajj..

but is our ibadah accepted? is it enough to book a ticket into the eternal paradise?

the answer is NO..

there's one hadith by Rasulullah s.a.w. about a story of a muslimah whom perform excellently in her ibadah.. she's also very frequently performs solat tahajjud in the night, with countless raka'at.. but she stills end up in the Jahannam.. na'uzubillah.. Sahabah of Rasulullah asked him, why did it so? Rasulullah replied, "because she did not do good with her neighbours"..

relating to that hadith, it is clearly outlined that just by doing those five pillars of islam is never sufficient to gain Rahmah from Allah swt.. Allah doesnt evaluate our amalan only, but He evaluates everything!
Barang siapa yang mengerjakan kebaikan seberat
zarah pun, niscaya dia akan melihat (balasan) nya.

Dan barang siapa yang mengerjakan kejahatan
seberat zarah pun, niscaya dia akan melihat (balasan) nya pula.

[Al Zalzalah ayat 7-8]
thus, we need to change our mindset toward islam.. islam is not just about doing those five specific tasks, but islam is THE WAY OF LIFE.
the choice is yours, whether to accept islam thoroughly or partially.. remember Allah said to us..

Hai orang-orang yang beriman, masuklah kamu ke dalam Islam secara keseluruhannya, dan janganlah kamu turut langkah-langkah
setan. Sesungguhnya setan itu musuh yang nyata bagimu.

[al Baqarah ayat 208]
make this our mindset, insyaAllah we will gain Allah's pleasure, Ameen~!
remember, follow everything that Allah asks us to do, because He evaluates us, no one else but ALLAH!
so to those who yet to have this goal, lets shift our paradigm!

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