Dec 3, 2009

E is for Exam.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

How are you fellow readers? It has been a while since i last wrote in English.

The main reason i opted to do so is because i need to sharpen my writings in English, as the 2nd year MBBS of First Internal Assessment is just around the corner. although grammar and vocabulary will not be taken into account, but its good to practice, isn't it?

OK, below are the dates of my exams;

14/12/2009 - Forensic Medicine Theory
15/12/2009 - Pharmacology Theory
16/12/2009 - Microbiology Theory
17/12/2009 - Pathology Theory

21/12/2009 - Microbiology Practical
23/12/2009 - Forensic Medicine Practical
24/12/2009 - Pathology Practical

Around 29th-31st December will be my end-posting for Medicine Department.


i'll be travelling around North of India from 1st till 16th January 2010 insyaAllah.

sounds interesting~~~


i have to focus on the internals first, then i'll describe in detail about my long-awaited trip to the foot of Himalayas.

lets strive first, thrive later.

an advice for myself;

Sesungguhnya pembazir itu adalah saudara-saudara syaitan dan syaitan itu adalah sangat ingkar kepada Tuhannya.
[al Isra', ayat 27]

i have to paste this verse from al Qur'an everywhere to remind me that time is running out, i need to use it wisely. don't WASTE your time, because wastefullness is syaitan's best friend. wish i had a time manager. :P

all the best everyone!



dzulhusni said...

good luck exam abg imahn!
i have faith in you..
dun worry,i know u cn make it..

Nur natasya said...

owh, da nak exam eyh pakcik...
hope you will do well and mind you if you think that to pass is the main agenda, you'll lost most of the the knowledge that u have studied..
slmt 'berpesta'....

imanulhassan said...

terima kasih dzulhusni dan natasya!

and thx 4 da motivational words tasya, sgt meaningful.

all da best sume~

syahirah said...

good luck .. btw, it will also improve my reading skill :D

imanulhassan said...

hehe, thx syahirah!

im said...

gud luck bang iman...
nti klu dah jln2 kt north india tu..
jgn lupe2 kn org kt sni.

imanulhassan said...

terima kasih faheem~!

dgr cita nak blk msia dlm masa terdekat ni ye. mesti tgh hepi tu kan :)

slmt pulang!

Akmal Rahman said...

salam abg iman...
all the best..! =)
teori ppr xde gap plak...
lama gak ye cuti..hEe..
ade masa dtg jln cni...

imanulhassan said...

salam akmal.

yup, teori paper takde gap, fatigue and breathlessness la camni nnt hehe.

cuti 1-15 januari 2010.

sy akan ada di mumbai 12-14 insyaallah.

tp x singgah karad la hehe.

terima kasih akmal!