May 4, 2011

From President's Desk

On 30th April 2011, I was elected once again as the President of Malaysian Student Association of India (MSAI) Davangere chapter. I was asked to write a foreword by MSAI Bangalore, I think for a journal about MSAI Davangere in their yearly magazine or sort of.

I would like to share with you what I wrote, but before you reading it, I would like to inform that I am quite below par in English writing (and it was proven when I got only 6 out of 9 in IELTS writing 4 years back, huhu). Anyway, enjoy reading the article below, please correct my writings if there is any.


From President's Desk


Assalamualaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuh.

In every civilized community, there should be an organized hierarchy system that concerned about the administration of the particular community. Thus, this MSAI Davangere chapter, which was inaugurated nearly 3 years back by Mr. Khairudin Abdullah, Consul of Education and Training of Malaysia in Chennai, was one of the vital steps in creating a pleasant and conducive living conditions for Malaysians students particularly in Davangere.

Being a leader in any organization is not an easy task. It is a huge burden on the shoulders as you are responsible for each and every person whom is under your care. A leader must have an excellent attitude and aptitude, with a sound character of leadership, because a leader represents the community.

It is very essential for a leader to guide his members to the right path. In accordance with a hadith from Prophet Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam;

“There will be no slave that is being gifted by Allah a responsibility of a leader, then he does not advise his people, except he would not even smell the scent of Paradise” [Recorded by Imam al-Bukhari]

Thus, a leader has a huge workload, one of the responsibilities is amar ma’aruf nahi munkar (promoting good deeds and preventing sinful acts). Any leader, whom does not apply this concept to his governance, will not even smell the scent of Paradise according to the above hadith, na’uzubillah.

In a nutshell, each and every one of us is a leader of their trustee. Another hadith by Prophet Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam;

“Remember, each and every one of you is a leader, and each and every one of you will be questioned about your responsibilities, a husband/father is the leader of his family and he will be questioned about his leadership in his family members, and a wife/mother is the manager of her husband’s family members and her children, and she will be questioned about her managements.” [recorded by Imam al-Bukhari]

A president is responsible for every people under his leadership; a chief executive officer will be responsible about his company and his employees; a father will be responsible about his family members; a child will be responsible for his responsibility towards his parents, and a person will be responsible about himself. Thus, everyone is a leader. Be serious in handling your responsibilities, no matter how small it is.

Before I stop, I would like to share some verses from the al-Qur’an that can be pondered upon;

The believers must (eventually) win through; Those who humble themselves in their prayers; Who avoid vain talk; Who are active in deeds of charity; Who abstain from sex, Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess,- for (in their case) they are free from blame; But those whose desires exceed those limits are transgressors;- Those who faithfully observe their trusts and their covenants; And who (strictly) guard their prayers; These will be the heirs; Who will inherit Paradise: they will dwell therein (for ever). [Chapter al-Mukminun, verses 1 till 11]

Thank you, Wassalam.

President of MSAI Davangere, 2011/2012


*all of the hadith I mentioned above was my own translation. I am pretty sure there is a better translation.

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Jacknaim said...

Alhamdulillah..teruskan perjuangan wahai sahabatku... buktikan orang islam mampu maju kehadapan dan terkedepan dalam semua aspek.. all the best. may Allah bless you