May 7, 2009

MSAI Convention 2009

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

The inaugural Malaysian Students' Association of India (MSAI) Convention was successfully held from 1st to 3rd May 2009 at Nandi Hills, Bangalore. The representatives from Davangere were 6 students, 3 Medical and 3 Dental students respectively. There are Muhammad Ishak, Abdul Rahim, and Imanul Hassan (myself) from JJMMC and Kak Akmar, Kak Mas, and Fikri Saim from BDCH.

The activities were all BTN-styled, minus the formal attires. Most of us thought these activities were lame, yes they are. But on the positive note, we had our patriotic spirit surging up again. I am proud to be Malaysian~!

Mount View Resort, Nandi Hills.

We had also stand a chance to meet our Duta Besar Malaysia di India, Dato' Tan Seng Sung, that came all over from Delhi, about 2000 km from Bangalore! Thanks for coming Dato'!

Dato' Tan Seng Sung

Also present were Consul of Education, Mr. Khairuddin Abdullah, Miss Wan Naimah, Mr. Kaifil Elmi, and Mr. Farid Shukri which were voluntarily act as our fascilitators. They made a huge contribution to us for having a great gathering, the first ever for all Malaysian students all over India. Thanks guys!

Then, at the final day (3rd may), we had an election to select the committee members for the first ever MSAI Council. And subsequently, MSAI has been officially launched.

These are the posts and respective bureaus elected.

President : Mohd Al-Hanafi bin Ismail (3rd year IMS Bangalore)
Vice President : Venkates Rao (3rd year Ramachandra DC, Chennai)
Secretary : Hadhinah Ahmad Puaad (3rd year KMC Mangalore)
Treasurer : Hazimah Rosle (3rd year KMC Mangalore)

Education Bureau : Loke Xi Mun (2nd year MS Ramaiah MC, Bangalore)
Religious Bureau : Mohd Habib Hasan (3rd year KMC Mangalore)
Sports Bureau : Adi Imran (3rd year IMS Bangalore)
Multimedia Bureau : Wazien Wafa (3rd year MMMC Manipal)
Welfare Bureau : Anandh Inbarraju (3rd year Anna U., Chennai)
Cultural Bureau : Nur Ain Abd Razak (2nd year MMMC Manipal)
Communication Bureau : S. Subhashini (KLE JNMC Belgaum)

Congratulations to all the elected committee. Hope you all will do a great job. If not, you wont be elected next term. haha, just kidding. we are all there to support you insyaAllah.

The participants all over India.

Thanks to every single participants and coordinators that made this event a success. We had a really great time there. Hope to see you all again next year, insyaAllah.

Imanul Hassan, JJMMC Davangere


Nama Saya Alfian Arif Taib said...

salam...apa ni bro...??amik gmbr dari sy smpai bateri laptop kering,tp gmbrnya ciput je??apekah??letak r byk sket gmbarnya...huhhuuhuhu..*kecewa*

Akmal Rahman said...

Syukur akhirnya penubuhan MSAI terlaksana jua. Moga ia memberi manfaat pada semua. Tapi, yang tak syoknya, kami tak dapat join pulak. Xpe, sekurang2nya tengok gambar pun cukup la..hehe..

imanulhassan said...

salam.. insyaallah kalau umur maseh ada, berjumpalah kita di india ni. ade 4.5 tahun lg kat sini insyaallah hehe.