Jul 21, 2009

as today.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

since my arrival in malaysia, my schedule is quite hectic, sort of.

this was my activities up-to-date;


arrived at KLIA at 7.15am. straight to KTT and then KLCC. did not sleep in the flight, as i was enjoying the movie from the lcd screen.


nothing much, settled in malaysia. enjoying every bits of malaysian cuisine. gian lah katakan. spend quality time with family and friends. applied to be a volunteer for Baling Relief Mission (BRM), but the application has closed.


fetch the A to L guys from davangere KLIA. brought them to eat nasi lemak as their GIT had not tasted malaysian nasi lemak since august 2008! went to sungei way, as Bad had to go there to attend a wedding ceremony of his next of kin. all of his paternal side of his family were there. what a time to go home. then, went to midvalley with rahim. he went back to kelantan in the night. good news as there may be seats for BRM as there were some unconfirmed participants.


went to mont kiara resort with family. played bowling. not a good first game, 103. second game was 130++, third game was 158. have to sharpen my skills back hehe.


at the midnight, received an sms which delighted me. i was accepted as a volunteer for BRM!

fetch the M to R guys from davangere at KLIA. as usual, i treated them with nasi lemak as-salam. only pejai n pak aq followed me. then sent them back to KLIA for their afternoon flight to Alor Setar. then went to Puduraya, got lost several times. managed to buy a Transnasional ticket. went back shah alam in time to pick up my brother from school.

at the evening, went to shah alam mall to bank-in the fee for BRM. then, went to times square to watch Ice Age 3 with pian and his long-time friend, faiz. lost during the journey to times square, as i was confused with the monorail station. kl sentral please improve your signboards!


it is today. woke up at 6.30am, thus misses subuh jemaah prayers at the surau. going to send my brother to his school for his camping trip at 11am. after that, preparing stuffs to the 5-day BRM program! can't wait for tomorrow~


izzah said...

bestnye BRM.

selamat bekerja~

mohazaid88 said...

mende brm nih?
kat ne baling?

imanulhassan said...

BRM tu kat later posts ada diterangkan..