Jul 30, 2009

updates, BRM!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

another busy week. yet, having a great experience all the way. huge portion of this week i spent in baling, kedah. i was the participant of Baling Relief Mission '09, organised by IMAM UK and Ireland.

22/07/2009 - off to Baling.

went to Baling by bus. Transnasional 9am from Hentian Duta. reached Baling around 2pm. programme started with an opening ceremony by the Ketua Kampung Charuk Bemban, followed by the distribution of anak angkat. I was selected to be the anak angkat of Encik Yahya's family.

23/07/2009 - motivational talk at SMK Jerai

part of the motivational team to SMK Jerai. had a great time meeting with SPM candidates, sharing some experiences with them. after the programme, i can see most of them are getting more focused for their upcoming SPM. well done Ikhwan Marion and the motivational team.

My LDK group, along with Ammar.

Ikhwan Marion, our speaker of the day.

in the evening, we went to Lata Bayu. cant recall when was the last time i dipped into a river. then later in the evening, we went to the Sg. Legong Kolam Air Panas. refreshing! knocked out on the way home.
na'im enjoying the lata bayu!

24/07/2009 - medical camp!

assigned to Booth C, Random Blood Sugar test. had a nervy start as i was unfamiliar to use the glucometer. thanks to a 5-minute crash course by Dr. Izwan, i managed to gather some confidence. eventually, i had fun pricking everyone's fingertips! enjoyed using the glucometer.

my 'Random Blood Sugar test' booth.

"takpa pakcik, tak sakit, macam gigit semut ja"

Dr. Mashitah also came!


gotong-royong was held throughout the Kg. Charuk Bemban. then in the afternoon, a motivational talk by Brother Na'im for the children of the kampung. when touched about the topic 'mother', he managed to attract the crowd, and brought them into tears, including the facilitators!
Na'im giving talk about 'Mother' to the kids.

overwhelming attendance!

then later in the afternoon, sukaneka was held for the kids, as a reward for lending their ears for the motivational talk. they were outrageously-hyperactive!

cepat cari gula2 dalam tepung tu!

huih, depa cari gula ka makan tepung??


merewang. which means 'persediaan untuk kenduri'. this was the day i learnt how to get a batang pisang from a pokok pisang. all of us were helping the kampung folks preparing the meals for the kenduri. the strong bond amongst the villagers were interpreted here.

Ammar sorting out the batang pisang.

potong jangan tak potong naa.

mai kacau gulai. syok!

at the end of the kenduri, the closing ceremony of the BRM was taken place. distribution of goodies to the needful by the ketua kampung, the joy on the faces of the villagers reflects how struggling their lives are.

that marked the end of Baling Relief Mission '09. which for me was a job well done. thumbs up to the committee members, volunteers, officials, foster families, and everyone that made BRM '09 a success! hope to have this kind of programmes in years to come ;)

the BRM team, great job guys!

my family angkat. thanks a lot for the hospitality!

next post, insyaAllah : ktt talk, juniors to india!

p/s : away to sungai merab this friday till sunday. another exciting programme awaits!


Wan Farah said...

Alhamdulillah, my first relief mission ever... Learn a lot from it =) Jzkk to the BRM team!

imanulhassan said...

great job as a secretary wan farah, hope that IMAM will continue organising relief missions for years to come insyaAllah!

ikhwan marion said...

Grand! May u find your eternal success :) Az-Zariyat : 56

imanulhassan said...

thanks ikhwan for the do'a :)

horiah zahidah said...

really great experience..congratulation for the good involvement.hope can join next time,insyaAllah...

imanulhassan said...

thanks horiah. insyaallah u will ;)